New Joint - Upgrade (feat. C4 Pedro)

[Hook 4x:]
Imma change your life, Imma change it
Imma change your life (life)

Yo, Hustle Gang homey, real talk, no bullshit

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Tony Allen - Get Together (Folamour In Harmony Remix)

Yeah, ha ha

Got the weed in my dutch, liquor in my cup
But I never gave a fuck
So you know I'm ready to go

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Banda MS - Porque Al Conocerte

Me había prometido
no enamorarme,
pasarla tranquilo
y no desesperarme
hasta aposte con mis amigos
no salir con nadie...

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Art & Sole - The Way I Feel (Soloist Mix)

Last night put the heavy on me
Woke up and I'm feeling lonely
This world gotta a way of showing me (showing me)
Some days it'll lift you up

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Love Me Like You Do - Fifty Shades of Grey

I don't fuck with you
You lil stupid ass rapper, I ain't fucking with you
You lil, you lil dumb ass rapper, I ain't fucking with you

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Ho tutto in una borsa
Lo so l’ho fatta grossa
Aspè vado di corsa
è tutto un copia-incolla
La gente che mi trolla
Sparisco tra la folla

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Omi, Felix Jaehn - Masterpiece [SWM]

I know you don't like the sound of your laugh
I know you take a hunnid photographs
You post 'em on your wall
You don't know I love 'em all, do ya?

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Sleep Alley - Desperado

This is the Fugees, Outsiders up in here:

Everyone wants to be a cowboy
Grab your guns boy
Forty-five by my side,

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Jax Jones feat. Ina Wroldsen - Breathe (Eugene Star Remix)

Dum-dum-da-da-da-dum, dum-dum-da-da-da
Dum-dum-da-da-da-dum, dum-dum
What you, what you gonna do?

You're my discretional sin
I feel you on me when I touch my skin

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James Arthur - You Deserve Better (Paul Morrell Remix)

I'm just not sure My heart is working
And yours is beating double time
Deep down you know I ain't even worth it
Is not enough babe, all I do is make you cry

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