I don't represent the red white and blue
I'll cut the head off the devil and I'll throw it at you
Uhuru is my world view; RBG to the grave
Even though Obama is the president, we still enslaved
I don't have to be born and raised on a continent
I know where I'm from; it's engraved in my consciousness
We one folk many tribes, many sons and daughters
Before the white man's artificial borders
We was warrior kings, victorious dynasties
I had to open my eyes to see their historians lied to me
I don't know what my tribe was, they stole my culture
But I know I'm still standing on ancestor's shoulders
Yo' I could have been Bassa, Yoruba, or Kikuyu *?*
So I just claim them all from Ashanti to Zulu
I am, because we are one tribe
Children of the sunshine let's ride, it's nation time

Why don't you tell me the truth? I can think for myself
Everything they manufacture be so bad for you bad for your health
Why they so parasitic? Why they so hypocritic?
Why they take everything real and turn it into a gimmick?
I learn from people who live it, I'm a G with no limits
Immuh always stay committed the minute until we win it
RBG representin', if I said it I meant it
That's why you got to stand and fight
Cause it could change any minute
I took a visit to the border of Kenya and Tanzania
And they got the same ole' president we got over here
It's a global revolution, everybody get down
Cause when I look around the majority is brown
So we may as well link it up, time comes sync it up
Fresh water straight out the earth you'd better drink it up
Revoltionary love, freedom's what I'm thinking of
Meet me at the steps of the capital if you've seen enough